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    Mr. Tanay Bora


  • Mr. Tanay Bora

    (Founder & Director- Talsdo Film Institute) Talsdo best film acting schools India.

    A young entrepreneur and an award-winning actor, Mr. Tanay with only 2 decades of life’s experiences  with his work, wishes to inspire the youth. At a very small age with great missions and ambitions, he started his own company and is very successful in all his field of work. He has a dream to give  great superstar that the industry would be thankful for.  We here at Talsdo, aim to polish the actor in all our students. Our mission is to deliver what we commit here at the best possible level. We want to give star to industry that industry would be thankful to us. The young Director also has a great passion for music. To respect this interest, he has also started the manufacturing of Trolley DJ kits in India which is also very successful. Mr. Bora has also won several dances, acting, drama, sports related as well as technical competitions at various levels such as District, State, and National levels which clearly indicates that winning is in his blood !

    Talsdo is going to open branches all over India besides Pune and Mumbai branches.

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